Open any file worry-free

Content, Disarm, and Reconstruction (CDR) protects against known and unknown viruses

Benefits Bodyguard CDR

Protection against unknown virus threats

No productivity loss during work

Scalable and robust to use

Data remains on device thanks to local solution

No end-user training required

Complements current endpoint security

About Bodyguard CDR technology

Management dashboard

Our data visualization collects real-time data from different perspectives. It displays processed files, file sources, top threats, and more. The dashboard helps you identify potential problems and enables you to understand where, when, and through which users, potential hacking attacks can occur.

Virus simulation

A collection of benign virus files that are not recognized by antivirus. Find out how cyber criminals enter the organization through malicious attachments. With Bodyguard CDR, the gate is closed, and you can confirm this yourself.