ClickSafe Links

Allow employees to click on any web link worry-free

Cybercriminals love to steal login details

It has become nearly impossible for an average employee to recognize a counterfeit website. Often, it is a visual copy of the original website, making it impossible to distinguish. The link itself might differ by just one letter, which is not easily noticed during a busy workday. However, providing login details on a counterfeit website can have far-reaching consequences, such as ransomware (data encryption) or data publication.

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BodyGuard makes phishing links safe to click on

When clicking on a malicious link, a comprehensive analysis is initiated. This determines whether the phishing link is trying to imitate a trusted company. To achieve this, the software examines aspects such as the structure of the link and the content of the web page, including logos and text. The employee is proactively warned when necessary. If desired, the employee can still inspect the website in safe mode, without the possibility to download anything or enter text.