CDR webinar for IT service providers on March 28th 9:30 AM (CET)

World's first CDR for desktops

Prevent malicious downloads while you still can. Protect all channels in one.
CDR IS The next step in your defenses

Remove all insecure content from files

Be assured that employees only download safe files on web and mail. Incoming files are thoroughly filtered and sanitized by Content, Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology. Cyber criminals will no longer be able to deliver malware via popular methods like pdf, office files and archives.

Fix the security gap

Why detection is no longer enough

80% of successful hacks went undetected by detection systems. Advanced malware and unknown malware (zero-days) are often able to evade detection. Since 27% of employees fall victim for phishing, it is time for prevention that does not rely on detection.

hacks are caused by new malware
Minimise malware risks today

Plug-and-play CDR for (virtual) desktops

The software operates as a background service on your operating system. It is complementary to existing security products and fits into any (virtual) desktop environment. Thanks to a seamless user experience there is no productivity loss for employees.

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