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More than 25% more cyber attacks worldwide in Q3 2022!

Research by Check Point Research shows that the number of cyber attacksworldwide increased by 28 percent in the third quarter of 2022 compared to thesame period in 2021. The average number of attacks on Dutch organizationsincreased by 15 percent. 70% of the attacks take place via e-mail, furthermorexlxs appears to be the most malicious file type.

Over $1 billion in ransomware payments In the United States

Over $1 billion has been paid in 2021 in ransom payments for ransomwaresoftware. That has more than doubled compared to 2020. This concernsapproximately 132 ransomware incidents per month. Bodyguard helps employees tobecome aware and protect against possible ransomware attacks. Discover more! www.bodyguard.io.

Decentralized storage services are also dangerous!

It is now known that public services such as dropbox and onedrive arefrequently used in hacking attacks. Decentralized services such asInterPlanetary Filesystem (IPFS) are also increasingly used. Such decentralizedservices protect users against censorship and privacy violations. Unfortunately,it is precisely those characteristics that make hacking software very difficultto remove.

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