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Increase in ransomware attacks

The infamous Lockbit group has killed more than 275 victims through ransomware in three weeks. Presumably the group uses a new kind of technique for this. Because affected companies do not disseminate information about the hack, it is still unclear exactly which technique this is. What is clear is that only one employee has to click on a wrong link and the system of the entire company can be shut down (i.e. clicked = hacked).

Increase in phishing attacks

Data from the Anti-Phishing Working Group shows that the number of phishing attacks has more than quadrupled since the beginning of 2020. There is also a large increase in the number of phishing attacks that take place via social media or telephone contact. To stop such attacks, an organization has to defend itself from different levels.

Cybercrime costs continue to rise

In one year, the cost of cybercrime has increased by 40%, by 2023 the total cost will be about $11.5 trillion. These include costs for data destruction, intellectual property theft, and loss of productivity due to ransomware. What is special about this is that companies have already substantially increased their budgets for defense against cybercrime in recent years. However, cybercrime also continues to evolve. It is important for every organization to keep up with these developments and to protect itself adequately

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