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Open received files worry-free

Prevent novel and advanced malware threats.
Complements existing endpoint solutions.
Worlds first CDR for desktops

Protect against malicious files from any source (web, mail, teams and more). Thanks to a deep integration with the operating system.

Broad coverage of file types

Removes new and advanced malware threats from all common file types like PDF, Office, OpenDocument, archives and many more.

True file type inspection

Cyber criminals apply masquerading tricks to circumvent traditional defenses. Bodyguard CDR determines the type of a file by inspecting its content.

Unbeatable CDR performance

Cleans large files under a second. Bodyguard CDR requires minimum capacity from a device and preserves user privacy.

Clean documents

75% of infected attachments are PDF and office documents. Bodyguard ensures that downloads are preemptively cleaned of elements that can potentially cause damage to a system. This even works with unknown viruses.

Smart file filter

There are hundreds of types of files today. Many of these can do harm. The software is able to identify risks and block the download.

Management dashboard

See which threats have been prevented. Ensure visibility of what is coming in.

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