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CDR cloud solution versus local solution

Bodyguard Team

CDR mainly works in two different ways:

1. Via a cloud solution, or
2. Via a local solution

Advantages cloud solution
In recent years there has been a trend in which software is increasingly arranged via the cloud. This has the great advantage of efficiency, because nothing needs to be installed on the device of the employees, with a local solution this is the case. For this reason, it is also easily scalable to apply a cloud solution directly to several employees.

Advantages local solution
However, using a local solution offers a number of important advantages over the cloud solution. For example, with a local solution, the company in question has full control over the processed data. With a cloud solution, on the other hand, the data is not stored on a company server, but managed through a worldwide network of servers. By using a local solution, all communication channels are protected at once. Cloud does not do this. Finally, a local solution also offers cost advantages: no infrastructure is required, servers are not necessary if it is local, because the computer already has computing power. The file itself does not go on the internet with local, which is the case with cloud solutions.

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