Company updates and general announcements.

Gartner Analysts identify CDR as particularly useful

In the latest edition of Gartner's HypeCycle report on network security content cleaning technology ranks high on the priority matrix for network security.

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Sandbox vs CDR

Sandboxing prevents data breaches and network attacks caused by malicious URLs and files. It's a virtual environment which acts as a safe zone, where artificial intelligence runs and tests files and URLs before delivering them to end users. CDR or Content Disarm & Reconstruction also targets malicious files...

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SLR Group and Bodyguard enter into collaboration

SLR Group has identified CDR technology as necessary and has therefore entered into a partnership with Bodyguard to help distribute Bodyguard's CDR technology.

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The most commonly used file types for malware

The past year has seen a turnaround with regard to the dangerous files associated with malware. Archive files such as RAR and ZIP are now more commonly used for malware distribution than Office documents such as Word and PDF.

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CDR cloud solution versus local solution

CDR mainly works in two different ways :‍ Via a cloud solution or via a local solution.

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Advanced malware can only be stopped with CDR

Malware is designed to infect a computer and then perform various malicious actions...

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